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They call me Nightwalker R.v.d.Weide

They call me Nightwalker


Published November 28th 2011
Kindle Edition
415 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Medieval knights, Elves, Wizards and Sorceresses are far from the everyday thoughts of fifteen-year-old Jim until an encounter in the early hours turns into the discovery of a strange and enticing world. A world that has always been there, only hidden from human eyes since we turned on its inhabitants during the dark ages of our past, denying their existence and hunting them down in the name of religion.When a beautiful young woman with a secret history and vengeance on her mind returns to the town of her ancestors where Jim now lives, he finds himself drawn into an ancient conflict between her and the Guardians of the Faerie. In the rush to uncover a threat long forgotten, the beauty of this medieval realm and the old-world charm of its inhabitants are thrust aside as Jim becomes embroiled in the bitter struggle between the woman and his newfound companions.His developing friendship with the legendary Jared, lost Lord of Berevane, will give him grief and joy, friendship and a father. He just has to survive long enough to uncover the secrets of the past and preserve the sanctity of the Realm during the clash between his world and Jared’s.