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Great Aches (Scary Go Round #5) John Allison

Great Aches (Scary Go Round #5)

John Allison

Published 2008
200 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

After toying at hand-drawing the Scary Go Round series, John Allison returns to it full time roughly a fifth of the way into this volume. He also seems close to wrapping up a few near-forgotten character arcs. But in the midst of that blend of new and old, the best part of the whole book is the burgeoning relationship between The Boy and Dark Esther, two mid-series characters ripe for rounding out. Their trip to Wales—intersected by a hilarious, winking bit about fans of Shelley Winters—is the highlight of the volume, which is saying a lot considering it also features a junkyard invention competition, a trip to the afterlife, and a merman.Ashcroft, I dont think shoving patients down the rubbish chute constitutes after-care.Nonsense, Vella. Theres absolutely no documentary evidence that ejecting patients into waste isnt highly therapeutic.